Google has the greatest tribute to the 66th anniversary of the Roswell crash on their home page right now

Back in college I theorized if humanity entered a Matrix-like construct, it occurred exactly on 1947, right around February. It’s been literally a decade since I did my research, but in that same year, the first super computer was invented, the modern FBI was formed, a Japanese artist, Isamu Noguchi, created a humanized face that was visible from space — one that was eerily similar to the ‘Face on Mars’ in Cydonia. For those unaware, Cydonia is a region on Mars — and subsequently the origin of all of that bad stuff that happened in X-Com: UFO Defense back in 1993.

It’s also important to note that in 1947, the crash in Roswell, New Mexico happened — an incident that is still wholly unexplained. I’m not sure how I concluded that humanity entered the Matrix in that year. Considering the fact that I was in college and living in a fraternity house, a lot of brain cells were lost between then and now.

If you go to, they have a pretty interesting puzzle game on the front page in which you take the role of the alien that crash-landed in Roswell. Your mission is to find the parts of your ship, and Google are absolute ballers for placing the mini-game on their homepage. It sort of looks like it was designed by the makers of Limbo, or as many people call it ‘the creepiest game ever released on Xbox Arcade.’ Check out a screen cap of the game below.

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