Forget pharmacists, let computers select the best medicine for us

If a start-up created a database of things we oppose robots doing for us, I can imagine Google would pay millions to acquire them so that they can use it as a to-do list. Saying that, Luddites said the same thing about factory machinery and we look down on those people by using their name

Nuclear fusion with giant lasers has happened for the first time ever

Giant lasers are the epitome of futuristic technology. Or evil geniuses, depending on the type of films you grew up watching. Try to imagine 192 giant lasers taking up the length of three football fields giving out 500 trillion watts of energy. That’s almost impossible for me to picture without remembering Hitler’s incredible plan for

Volcano tornadoes, that’s all you need to know

Almost two weeks ago I lost a very close friend of mine in a car accident. It was traumatic and I’m still feeling the effects of it. I haven’t been sleeping well at all lately, I’ve been sleeping a lot it just isn’t a deep sleep. Mostly because I can’t get this image of him

Google Glass is cool, but these glasses can actually see cancer cells

The main problem with Google Glass is that you have to talk to your glasses. Think about that. I still know people who have a problem with speaking into their cell phones. Scratch that, I know people who have a problem speaking to people. Talking to your gadgets is most certainly the least efficient way

This 3D printed air hockey table will blown your fragile mind

If there’s one thing that’s going to be the downfall of civilization it won’t be terrorism — it won’t be like we’re treating the Earth like an unwanted in-law. It will be because of 3D printing. We’re reaching a point now where you can nearly create anything that has a simple basic function with a

North Korea’s official operating system looks incredibly familiar

North Korea is a crazy place. At least we think it is, because they won’t let us see. Although, I’m sure our perception is pretty spot on considering Kim Il-sung is considered a God and still holds the official title of president despite being dead for twenty years and the current leader of the country

You won’t believe where Russian scientists have managed to grow vegetables

What happens when Earth is a worn out husk and even the staunchest Conservatives agree that fracking was one of the more stupid ideas we’ve had? Where does the human race go from there? The sci-fi reading teenager in me immediately and emphatically answers “space!” and shouts “I told you so” at those Conservatives. Teenage

Japanese company create bra that only unhooks in the presence of true love

I’ve recently heard a few people bemoaning the real-life applicability of skills learned in school, and to an extent I agree. There are large swathes of information I “learned” at school which left my head after exams at speeds akin to last night’s Chinese food this morning. However, there are a lot of skills I

Now you can have your very own Terminator robot hand implant

About two weeks ago I was cooking bacon, eggs and toast at about 2 AM. I was fairly hungry as I had a relatively early dinner eating at 7 PM. So I cook my bacon, then I crack my eggs, put a knob of butter in there. Pro tip, don’t whisk the eggs beforehand or

Get ready to have your face blown off by 1.4 terabit internet

Just when I was feeling smug for being able to express rage at Brandon and Lori on Storage Hunters while also eating microwaved burgers without making a mess, scientists have to trample on my personal achievements. BT and Alcatel-Lucent have revealed that tests of a new method for transferring electronic data in the UK recently