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Volcano tornadoes, that’s all you need to know

Almost two weeks ago I lost a very close friend of mine in a car accident. It was traumatic and I’m still feeling the effects of it. I haven’t been sleeping well at all lately, I’ve been sleeping a lot it just isn’t a deep sleep. Mostly because I can’t get this image of him being rushed into the ambulance with medics pounding on his chest. I knew right then and there what that meant.

This brought death to my attention. Death is something I’ve been comfortable with for a while, I’ve accepted it. I was lucky to learn at a young age that everyone dies and you can’t truly live, if you’re living in fear of death. So I’ve come to terms with death, I’m going to die, I might die tomorrow and I’m perfectly okay with that.

What I’m worried about is how I die. The last thing I want to do is to die from being so old that I just die because that’s what humans do. I want to die in an interesting manner. Maybe trying to jump fifth buses on a Segway, or attempting to eat my own weight in cat food. Or maybe, just maybe a volcano tornado. I’d be perfectly okay with that.

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