Watch Bill Nye debate creationism against Ken Ham LIVE at 4pm PST / 7pm EST RIGHT HERE!

Adam never argued with Eve until they ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and Eve realized that Adam always put the toilet roll on the wrong way, which is definitely considered evil in my household. Of course, that never actually happened because if it did then Noah also lived to be 950 years old and an Arab Jew happened to be both the son of God AND Caucasian. Now that’s a miracle. You can tell me I’m wrong in the comments section below, but I’ll probably be too busy watching Bill Nye debate with Ken Ham live.

In a move which epitomizes faith and indicates an incredible confidence in an exceptionally unlikely hypothesis, Answers in Genesis are hosting a debate between their CEO and the CEO of the Planetary Society and all-round science educator Bill Nye and streaming it live on Youtube. The internet is almost as scary as a world run by people who believe the world is only around 2,000 years old so instead, stay here and watch it on MiddleEasy.

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