This 3D printed air hockey table will blown your fragile mind

If there’s one thing that’s going to be the downfall of civilization it won’t be terrorism — it won’t be like we’re treating the Earth like an unwanted in-law. It will be because of 3D printing. We’re reaching a point now where you can nearly create anything that has a simple basic function with a 3D printer. With technology growing exponentially, what happens in less than a handfull of years when it’s like going from dial up to DSL? When the only thing limiting the things that we can create with a 3D printing is our own imagination.

Unfortunately my imagination is limited by years of public schooling. The only things I would end up printing is a pen that can write upside down, you know the same ones the astronauts use. As well as some cat toys — because the only happiness I gain from life is watching my cat be happy.

I think I may have to ask this gentleman to adopt me, because unlike myself he decided to make something useful with his 3D printer, a robot air hockey table. Now when I get shutout in air hockey I don’t have to deal with the crippling depression and realization that I don’t even have the athletic ability to play air hockey.

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