Best Martial Arts

Top 21 Deadliest Martial Arts in the World According to Experts

Deadliest Martial Arts: which ones are the most lethal, and why? If you’re looking for self-defense or want to take up a new martial art, this is the blog post for you. From ancient Chinese Kung Fu to modern Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), let’s explore the world of martial arts and find out which forms

UFC Weight Cutting

UFC Weight Cutting: Everything You Need To Know

Weight cutting refers to all the efforts fighters place themselves through to compete in weight classes in which their weight is below their normal, walking around weight. Weight cutting is a controversial topic and fighters can suffer from unfortunate consequences as a result of it. The weight cutting process consists of two steps: Losing weight

Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai Season 4 Recap And What To Expect In Season 5

The latest installment of Cobra Kai is out. The continuation of ‘The Karate Kid’ universe proves to be a success with an action-packed fourth season. Netflix’s Cobra Kai isn’t looking to die anytime soon, especially with some amazing set-ups for season 5. Chapter 4 of Cobra Kai started off the new year right and just

Never Too Late To Start Martial Arts

6 Reasons Why It’s Never Too Late to Start Martial Arts

As humans, it is in our nature to always be on the move and explore new things regardless of age. But many people still think age plays a factor when it comes to training martial arts. These people believe the classes are for young people only and that their bodies just can’t keep up with

Legends Of Muay Thai

 Legends of Muay Thai’s Golden Era

The ‘Golden Era’ of Muay Thai existed from the 1980’s to the mid 90’s and is considered the pinnacle of the sport. This fifteen year period exhibited Thailand’s best and most revered fighters. It is said that the quality of fights and athletes has never again been able to reach the same heights. We still

How To Get Better At Takedowns

How to Get Better At Takedowns: Tips and Techniques

The Best Techniques To Improve Your Takedowns Without a doubt, takedowns are one of the most effective ways to neutralize the opponent or enemy. So, it’s not a surprise that they are the main aspect of any martial arts and combat styles. Regardless if you are BJJ, MMA or a wrestling student, takedowns are the

10 Best Boxers In Mma

The 10 Best Boxers in MMA Today

MMA is not boxing. Boxing is not MMA. But what if the best boxers in MMA today, made the switch to the sweet science? In this scenario, the UFC implodes onto itself and the sport of MMA is banned worldwide. For some reason the sport of punching your opponent in the head over and over

Differences Gi And Nogi Training

The Main Differences Between Gi and NoGi Training

A debate in the grappling community that will go until the end of days, Gi and NoGi training, which one should you do? The question is complicated one, so the answer also has many layers. MiddleEasy will attempt to do the impossible and find a final answer to this debate. Probably not, but the big

Mma Or Boxing More Dangerous

Is MMA or Boxing More Dangerous?

No matter which way you slice it, whether its MMA or Boxing all combat sports are dangerous in some form. How do you define danger though? What’s dangerous to one individual may be considered safe for another. In other words, how do you quantify danger in high contact sports? You can’t really put a number

Cardio Kickboxing Self Defense

Can Cardio Kickboxing be Good for Self Defense?

This may sound like a crazy question, but can people turn Cardio Kickboxing into self defense techniques? These type of kickboxing classes are some of the most popular around. Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, and cardio based kickboxing classes are some of the widely offered type of fitness classes. So maybe Yoga or Zumba may not help

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BJ Penn To Release Or Not To Release, That Is The Question

Preserving A Legacy Every once in awhile a transcendent figure graces a sport and changes it for the better. In most cases, the legendary aura of that figure lives on forever. People like Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, and Tom Brady came into their respective sports and inspired generations after them to imitate and evolve. These