The 10 Best Boxers in MMA Today

10 Best Boxers In Mma
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MMA is not boxing. Boxing is not MMA. But what if the best boxers in MMA today, made the switch to the sweet science?

In this scenario, the UFC implodes onto itself and the sport of MMA is banned worldwide. For some reason the sport of punching your opponent in the head over and over again is still allowed. Them the rules.

Left with no other choice, most MMA fighters move underground. The ten that stuck around were signed by boxing’s top remaining promoters. Just for kicks (which aren’t allowed in boxing) and giggles, Zuffa Boxing filed for bankruptcy and also does not exist.

There’s no use, just toss your UFC/Zuffa Boxing footy pajamas in the fire for warmth. What else can keep MMA fans warm at night? MiddleEasy’s list of the 10 Best Boxers in MMA Today.

In no particular order:

Conor McGregor

Maybe one day Conor McGregor will get a shot at redemption. McGregor’s first pro boxing match was against the greatest boxer his generation. It did not go well.

Floyd Mayweather played with his food before easily TKO-ing a battered McGregor. With all that being said, in terms of MMA hands, McGregor has great boxing technique.

Anderson Silva

The Brazilian Spider GOAT or BSGOAT for short deserves his props. Even at his advanced age, Anderson Silva has the pure skills to excel at boxing.

Roll a 40-something Spider Silva into a boxing ring and he could hang around most mid-regional level talent.

Cody Garbrandt

Okay, stop laughing. Before Cody Garbrandt went on his massive, defenseless losing streak he had a good base for boxing. Perhaps wearing larger boxing gloves would do something for Garbrandt’s defensive short comings.

It also should be noted that No Love does have an extensive amateur boxing background.

Amanda Nunes

Just too good, just too talented. Give Amanda Nunes some time and she to good be an excellent boxer. Nunes hands are so good.

Too talented to fail? Maybe. Would like to see how far Nunes could take her striking talents.

Jon Jones

Even without eye pokes, Jon Jones could be a great boxer. Bones Jones fight IQ is so high, a transition to boxing is not out of the question.

Jones long arms would serve him well in a boxing ring. Plus, Jones natural abilities and speed would help ease the crossover.

Georges St. Pierre

GSP is never staying retired. For much of his career, Georges St. Pierre was simply on another level in terms of boxing to MMA striking. GSP picked up boxing fundamentals fast and confused the hell out of opponents.

Despite being well pasted his prime, GSP could still get by on his skills versus a lot of boxers.

Henry Cejudo

Henry Cejudo is just as weird as he is talented. So that makes Cejudo very, very, very talented. In other world, Cejudo goes into boxing not MMA after he wins Olympic gold.

Cejudo is crazy enough to do it. Also, he’s talented to make it work.

Jorge Masvidal

Praise be Street Jesus and his blessed hands. Jorge Masvidal has always had boxing skills. The MMA world is just now catching up to what backyards in Miami already knew.

Masvidal’s powers travels and it would be interesting to see how his fighting style translates to boxing.

Nate Diaz

Can’t be surprised at Nate Diaz being great at boxing. Diaz’s output of strikes and steady of chins have baffled MMA for awhile.

Could Diaz’s style work in a boxing ring? Would pay a ton of money to watch Nate or Nick Diaz eat a boxer’s heart.

Holly Holm

Have to include Holly Holm on resume alone. Holm never got credit for how just damn good her boxing career. How people on Earth have won major boxing and MMA world titles? Well, Holly Holm is that preacher’s daughters and her combat sports career is stuff of legend tbh.

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