Cobra Kai Season 4 Recap And What To Expect In Season 5

Here's all you need to know about Cobra Kai's latest season and what's to come.

Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai

The latest installment of Cobra Kai is out.

The continuation of ‘The Karate Kid’ universe proves to be a success with an action-packed fourth season. Netflix’s Cobra Kai isn’t looking to die anytime soon, especially with some amazing set-ups for season 5.

Chapter 4 of Cobra Kai started off the new year right and just a few days after the release, people are already anticipating what’s next for their favorite karate show. After 6 hours of binge-watching the newest season, we are ready to recap what we’ve seen so far and what to expect next.

Spoilers Ahead For Cobra Kai Season 4 

The 51st All-Valley Under-18 Karate Tournament has finally arrived. Along with this, we’ve seen the arrival of many new fighters and a even a brand new dojo. 


Cobra Kai would take a more different approach to their fourth installment. The series would show more storylines than we ever thought imaginable. We were re-introduced to Terry Silver from Karate Kid Part III.

Silver’s Back

After a life spent in luxury and enlightenment, sensei Silver would come out of retirement to help his old war buddy John Kreese at Cobra Kai. They were looking to rewrite the wrong that came out of their 1980’s encounter with Daniel La Russo. 

Silver and Kreese would have their dojo win the title of ‘grand champion’ but not without bad chemistry between the two teachers. Kreese was shown to be more human in this season, having a soft spot for his former and current pupils, Johnny Lawrence and Tori Nichols. Silver sees this throughout the season and pulls some strings to cut off Cobra Kai’s ‘weakness’

The manipulative mind that is Terry Silver would pull off a successful framing of Kreese, having him arrested for attempted murder on ‘Stingray’.

An Even Younger Generation

In addition to seeing this familiar and evil face, there was also a big emphasis on LaRusso’s son, Anthony. He hit a spurt in both his growth and his attitude. He would turn out to be a bully in junior high to an all-new character, Kenny Payne. Payne would definitely feel the pain from being harassed by Anthony and his friends. As a result, Kenny would seek out help from Robbie Keen and Cobra Kai.

Kenny would get his revenge on ‘LaPusso’, beating him and his friends up. Seeing this would affect Robbie’s view of Cobra Kai and ultimately result in him losing the tournament to Eli AKA Hawk. 


A rift between Johnny Lawrence and Miguel Diaz would also be present in the season. This wouldn’t be the only one, including some conflict between Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, plus his children. However, the relationship between sensei and student would prove to be a difficult one between Johnny and Miguel.

Johnny would look to fill in the hole that was being a father. Miguel, not having a father in his life, would accept that role. But things got difficult, when a drunk Johnny called Miguel, Robbie, his actual son. Along with this, Johnny wasn’t looking out for Miguel’s best interests in the semi-finals of the tournament. 

After suffering an injury, Miguel decided to tap out and would purchase a bus ticket to Mexico. He wanted to see his real father, who has no idea he has a son. 

What To Expect From Season 5

There were a good combo of cliffhangers to talk about in the season 5 finale. 

Chozen Returns

One of the biggest ones was Chozen, Daniel’s former foe, coming to America. LaRusso isn’t looking to close up shop despite a bet telling him he had to. Instead, he plans to defeat Cobra Kai with help of not Johnny Lawrence but somebody closer to his style. 

Chozen would teach Daniel, secret techniques from Miyagi-Do Karate in season 3. With him having a great understanding of karate, Daniel will bring him on to help with his dojo. LaRusso’s counter-style lessons wouldn’t be enough to stop Cobra Kai from winning the tournament. As Chozen is now on board, Daniel will look to bring a new way of fighting to his students. One of which can deeply injure opponents in combat. 

Wonderboy and Woodley

Chozen isn’t the only person that’s gonna make an appearance on season 5. UFC stars Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson and Tyron Woodley have taken on acting roles for the show.

‘Wonderboy’ is known for being one of MMA’s best karate fighters, so it’s no surprise he was casted for Cobra Kai. Woodley, on the other hand, was a weird casting. However, he doesn’t lack experience in the film industry. He has appeared in hit move ‘Straight Outta Compton’ along with other projects.

Thompson revealed they were on set for a future season of the show, so we should be on the lookout for them in the next season.

Mike Barnes Should Be Coming Back

The fourth season would feature some clever clues for season 5. When Daniel was asked by his wife if he had any more people to worry about from his past, Daniel first answered ‘no’ but would later reconsider saying, ‘well, I can’t say that for sure’. 

In the finale, Silver would also bring up that he will look to call in some old Cobra Kai buddies to help him run his new franchise of Cobra Kai dojos across the valley. This could be no other than ‘karate’s bad boy’, Mike Barnes.

Barnes was hired by Silver in ‘The Karate Kid: Part III’ where he made Daniel’s life hell. He’d put the fear into Daniel like nobody else before and was kicking his ass throughout the movie. He would have won and had a fine share in Cobra Kai’s new franchise had it not been for Daniel’s confusing ‘kata’ moves in the finals. 

While he disappointed Silver in the tournament, it’s almost confirmed that Silver will give him a second chance, especially since he needs some help running the new Cobra Kai dojos across the valley. We can expect him to make a return, perhaps even with Mike’s original crew including Snake and Dennis. 

Anthony vs. Kenny

On top of all of this, we can expect to see a younger generation of characters collide on-screen. There’s a good chance of Anthony LaRusso taking up karate after Kenny is his bully now. With Kenny beating him up in the finale, it’s only a collision course for the two to settle it on the mat.

Robbie & Tori

With Robbie and Tori realizing the error of their ways, we are led to believe they will eventually leave Cobra Kai, especially under the dangerous teachings and corruption of Terry Silver. 

Kreese’s Redemption

With Kreese out of Cobra Kai for what looks to be good, we can only assume he will join forces Johnny at Eagle Fang. He has shown more heart in the season’s finale than he has in his previous apperances combined.

Kreese revealed he saw Johnny like a son back in the 80’s, so the chemistry might finally come together for the two. 


Lastly, we will see Miguel’s journey to find his dad. The road will be an emotional one, since his father doesn’t even know about his existence. Johnny will be left out without his best friend, student, and son-like figure for a remainder of the season, probably. The venture into Mexico will be a hard one for both characters. 

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