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Matt Mitrione tells us what it's like training with the Blackzilians for Roy Nelson

Matt Mitrione spent a lot of time in Wisconsin training with Duke Roufus and that crew, so it begs the question - what was it like being a Meathead in the land of Cheeseheads? Was there CrackerHeads and VegetableSpreadHeads? And what kind of meat is Matt Mitrione's head made of? These are the types of questions that emerge when you spend any time north of Chicago, questions that are answer-less and delicious sounding. If I were a bath salts zombie, I would pack up the family and head north from Florida to chow down on some delicacy-level faces in Wisconsin.

Maybe that's why Meathead moved south to where the bath salt zombies first emerged, besides training with the Blackzilians, of course. Mitrione is a guy who likes to meet things head on (or meet things meathead on?) and it's this training with the Blackzilians that makes him feel 100% ready for his short-notice fight with Roy Nelson. Take a moment to look through the eyes of Layzie The Savage, who's head is not made of meat, but pot, as he interviews Matt Mitrione at yesterday's open workouts.

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