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We can't be the only ones looking forward to Shinya Aoki vs. Antonio Mckee at DREAM 18

We can't be the only ones looking forward to Shinya Aoki vs. Antonio Mckee at DREAM 18

The baddest [expletive] on the planet versus a guy that I ate Brazilian BBQ with in Singapore. Now that Shinya Aoki is officially part of the Evolve MMA team, he will test out his newly acquired MMA abilities against a guy that, at one point, some people considered the greatest lightweight in the world. Up until UFC 125, McKee rocked a fourteen-win streak that spanned over the course of eight years. That ended with Jacob Volkmann grabbing a split-decision win over the former MFC champion, leading Mckee to be cut by ZUFFA -- and the US Secret Service visiting Jacob Volkmann's house days later.

A couple days ago it was announced that Shinya Aoki vs. Antonio McKee is slated for Dream 18.This will mark McKee's first bout in Japan since his unanimous decision win over Kiuma Kunioku at Hero's 4 over six years ago. As far as Shinya Aoki, this will be his first DREAM appearance since -- well his last DREAM back on September 24th 2011.

There's a video of Antonio McKee breaking down Adolph Hitler to Bob Sapp that's floating somewhere on the internet solely because all videos have the buoyancy to float. The internet facilitates a collection of floating things that are always 'somewhere.' Occasionally, we run into these intangible objects and then we realize that we are also floating somewhere on the internet. Everything in this universe is floating on the internet and in the meantime, Antonio McKee will continue to use his elbows to make all of this 'floating stuff' bleed a river of crimson. As we've seen in Antonio McKee's MFC 26 fight against Luciano Azevedo (the only person to ever defeat Jose Aldo), McKee has absolutely no problem resting in the guard of a BJJ blackbelt while he rains down an array of nasty strikes from the top. Although as we've witnessed from Shinya Aoki's prior fights, closing the distance on Aoki is a recipe for having a limb rudely detached.

DREAM 18 is going down on December 31st at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan. There's been no confirmation if AXS TV will air the New Year's Eve event, but we're keeping hope alive like that Crystal Method single.

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