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Check out Big Nog being ridiculous in this Honda commercial

Check out Big Nog being ridiculous in this Honda commercial

Newsflash: Big Nog was run over by a truck, fell into a four-day coma, had a rib removed and was hospitalized for nearly a year -- before he even hit puberty. Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira laughs at your attempt to make fun of him in this newly released Honda commercial. He's not concerned with broken limbs, impossible-to-cover scar tissue, or awkward car commercial videos. If Tim Burton wanted to cast Minotauro Nogueira to play the part of an actual minotaur, there would be very little makeup needed. It would just be an issue of Big Nog speaking in whatever accent minotaurs speak -- which for some reason I assume would be Russian. If all Russians were indeed hoofed mythical creatures, then it would completely explain their driving ability. Seriously, click on that link. Russians drive like they're in a constant race to see who can die in the most spectacular fashion. If they would only take a lesson from Big Nog in this Honda commercial, then perhaps we wouldn't see as many Russians fly out their windshields.

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