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Have some female flying armbar with your Wednesday morning

Have some female flying armbar with your Wednesday morning

A flying armbar is the only item on our planet that has the ability of flight without requiring wings or jet propulsion. To fly, one must posses incredible jiu-jitsu abilities and have a strong sense of confidence. Unlike the techniques of the flying yogis, one does not need to cross their legs in a silly fashion and bounce up and down like they're waiting for their parents to wake up on Christmas morning. It's also important to note that flying yogis really don't fly. It's all garbage -- along with most of the 'mystical' attributes that are granted with yoga. The only way a human can truly fly without developing wings or strapping on a jetpack to their back is through the use of flying armbar, as demonstrated in this video.

Check out what transpired at the most recent Tuff-N-Uff "FeastiBrawl" when Cortney Casey pulled off a slick flying armbar making it her third consecutive armbar victory. Props to MarQ P for the find.

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