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Gegard Mousasi would like to fight Shogun Rua and believes that he can beat anyone

Gegard Mousasi would like to fight Shogun Rua and believes that he can beat anyone

The reigning DREAM light heavyweight champion. Never forget. Alright, you forgot. Just never forget it again.

Gegard Mousasi is like the hottest thing right now. That's a pretty ignorant way to start off a story but when it comes to a 6' 1" tall Armenian dude that has the power of the entire Fantastic Four wrapped up in his fists -- you're pretty much forced to preface everything with 'the hottest thing.' If this story were about Kim Kardashian, it would have the same introduction. Kim Kardashian is also Armenian, but unlike Mousasi, her superpowers do not lie within her fists. Instead, her superpowers have been concentrated entirely in her ass. If asses were the evolutionary line of mankind, her ass would be the first fish that decided to walk on land. Kim Kardashian's ass has thoroughly revolutionized the world and it's safe to say every guy is grateful for her parents having unprotected sex 30 years ago.

In an interview with FCFighter, Mousasi finally emerged from whatever cage he's been hiding in for the past two years and said that he expects a UFC contract after his upcoming fight with Mike Kyle and that he would enjoy fighting Shogun Rua.

When and if he gets there he said he plans to fight as a light heavyweight and would like to battle Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.

“That would be a good fight,” Mousasi said. “That would be an exciting fight. He’s the kind of guy who likes to fight. I like to fight guys like him who come to fight instead of fight(ing) to win.”

“I am 100 percent positive about my abilities to beat anybody,” Mousasi said. “I don’t doubt myself I just have to have my priorities right. I know I can beat anybody.”

I'm 100% positive of my ability to play Halo 4 not sober and be absolutely horrible. Enjoy that triple negative statement tonight while you're fumbling in your refrigerator for a late-night snack.

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