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Sunday Morning Rumor Mill - Tuesday Night Edition

Ah, the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill. The moment of the week in which everyone reads items from around the MMA world that could potentially be true, but reside in the realm of 'rumors.' If we all weren't still replaying Cung Le's KO over Rich Franklin on Sunday morning, this installment of the SMRM would have come much earlier. Instead, you're getting the Tuesday Night Edition delivered directly to your door -- or computer monitor. Whichever comes first. Enjoy.

  • It's rumored that Dana White told Roy Nelson the editing of this season of TUF wouldn't portray him in a good light.
  • In the past two months, a fighter was pulled from the main card of a large MMA promotion because he had a 'relationship' with a female employee of a relatively famous MMA gym.
  • The pictures of EA Sports UFC that have been floating around the internet are fake.
  • Michael Bisping has been approached by a major music label to produce music under the moniker 'DJ Bisping.'
  • Bob Sapp plans to actually train for a large MMA bout in the first quarter of 2013 and then retire from the sport. It's rumored that he's looking at another fight against Ernesto Hoost.
  • As ironic as it is, certain members of the Nevada State Athletic Commission smoke marijuana.
  • There's been a pretty heavy rumor floating around that Glory/DREAM are making a bid to acquire ONE FC. I've tried contacting both parties -- no response.
  • EA Sports UFC will also simultaneously launch with an iPhone/iPad version of the upcoming game.
  • More than a few agents that represent Hollywood stars have tried to 'steal' Ronda Rousey away from her current management team. Although, I'm sure this happens quite often in MMA.

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