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Check out our exclusive interview with Xtreme Couture

СНПЧ А7 Смоленск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ


Initially, this was supposed to be MiddleEasy's exclusive coverage of Tuff N Uff. Our reporter, Elena Lopez, traveled from LA to Las Vegas just to grab a cornucopia (or 'horn of plenty' as the kid that sat behind me in 3rd grade geography said) of exclusive content for the site. The Tuff N Uff people were great, hooked her up with a cageside press-pass and gave our reporter unprecedented access to the fight. Everything was great, fights were spectacular, Elena went to grab her equipment bag under her seat and...nothing was there. She filed a report with the cops, told the security at the event but it was too late. Our Elena Lopez was jacked! This is a editorial note to the douche that stole our reporter's equipment: I pray and hope that you never have the ability to reproduce. I hope your scrotum is as baron a wasteland as Chernobyl and by some rare, unknown, freakish chance that you happen to procreate...I hope your kid's trachea is replaced with a healthy sphincter so that your kid may forever be full of crap. Alternatively, you can get hit with a bus this evening.

But our reporter is rawesome. Armed with MiddleEasy business cards, Elena scrambled to get in touch with the guys at Xtreme Couture (who just ripped it up at Tuff N Uff). Ryan Couture (The Natural...light?) opened the doors to Xtreme Couture and gave Elena Lopez a tour of the place. He also let us interview Eric Center (a fighter from Tuff N Uff and VegasMMAWarrior for all the Twitterites), Kui Gonsalves (a trainer at Xtreme Couture and a fighter) and of course himself. Elena told me Ryan Couture is the 'sweetest, kindest, most articulate person she's ever met'. I'm a I'm not sure how sweet he is, but if he's anything like his father then he's already my hero. Check out our exclusive interview with Xtreme Couture, only at

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