• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Check out Brock Lesnar shoving a cameraman after his UFC 141 loss to Alistair Overeem

Every time I get my pay-stub at work I go through the initial stages of grief. I first deny the reality of the miniscule amount by spending the entire thing on clothes, shoes and Starbucks instead of paying my power bill and rent. Next I become angry and begin thinking how fun it would be to walk into my boss' office and tell him to shove it. By the time I'm over the anger it is the next payday and I just continue to repeat the depressing abusive cycle. Looks like Brock Lesnar didn't spend too much time in the stage of denial after his loss at UFC 141. Brock went straight to angry after he announced his retirement and on his way out of the cage and back to the locker rooms he showed a UFC cameraman the true meaning of 'take this job and shove it'. Check it out:

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