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The Diaz brothers explain the science behind flipping off Cerrone's cowboy hat

I'll be making the short trip to Las Vegas in a few hours for the UFC 141, and any reasonable person would be asleep by now. However, I simply can't get over the fact that Nick Diaz rocked a green MiddleEasy shirt this evening and took a picture of it. To everyone out there, don't be scared to visit WorldOverEasy and buy the shirt, homie. It's an expense that you can easily justify. Wearing a green MiddleEasy shirt will also enable you to break down exactly why Cowboy Cerrone's hat needed to be flipped off at the UFC 141 pre-fight press conference weigh-ins yesterday. It all makes sense, in a 209 type of way.

Check out this video the UFC just released moments ago with Nick and Nate Diaz talking about the incident from yesterday along with a little impromptu shadow boxing from Nate Diaz. [Source]

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