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We finally have footage of Alistair Overeem's sumo match in Japan

Earlier this week we told you that Alistair Overeem competed in a sumo tournament in Japan this month in his attempt to rule every aspect of combat sports. We promised we would come back with the fight video, but unlike Jesus Christ, we actually returned. You don't need to write religious manuscripts about us, we fulfill our promises. I can't turn water into wine, but I can turn an empty pitcher into a container of tasty Kool-Aid. Beat that Jesus. Yeah, I didn't think you could. You may walk on water, but I have the ability to filter water through a miracle known as Brita. Miracles happen every day, but still, we don't fully understand magnets.

Check out this video of Alistair Overeem doing what he does best: putting on a green thong and dominating other men. [Source]

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