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Watch Nam Phan’s guide to judging in MMA

In lieu of Nam Phan vs. Leonard Garcia II being announced for UFC Fight Night 24, Nam thought it was of utmost importance that he lay a verbal blueprint for every judge that night on March 26, 2011 in Seattle, Washington. It's a far better option than slapping each judge in the face with the box set of Aeon Flux until they all realize that the accuracy of their decision will determine whether a fighter can afford to put gas in their Nissan Sentra the next day. Note to everyone: If you have a boxed set of Aeon Flux, don't use it to smash another human being's nose in. Just give it to me.

Check out this video of Nam Phan laying it down for every judge who will be at UFC Fight Night 24. Props to Rob F. Martinez for the video.

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