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Roger Huerta saved a drowning girl in Thailand

In the future, Roger Huerta will lead a small community of people to a pacific island outside of America and create a Utopian society of citizens that will train diligently to protect all women standing in front of nightclubs from threatening college football players. People will call this place Rogersville until they realize that the name 'Rogersville' actually belongs to a small town in Tennessee. The small population will eventually leave the island when they realize that it was a horrible idea to move to an area of the planet that is void of any modern health-care and nutrition.

Ray Elbe took a visit to The UG to give the world a Roger Huerta update, including discussing the time when Huerta saved a drowning girl in Thailand.

A lot of people don't know this story---

But while Roger Huerta was out here training for his fight camp against Pat Curran he was swimming in the beach on the southside of the island of Phuket.

A small child got caught in the under current--and Roger Huerta preformed CPR on her until paramedics arrived (which in Thailand took sometime--greatly making 'survival odds' seem unlikely). Literally it was the type of experience that changes most peoples lives forever.

...I never really knew him before his trips to Tiger Muay Thai...but I can honestly say he is one of the most humble-down to earth guys in the fight game.

He's exciting--and exactly what type of fighter a promotion should look to build around. I hope he rebounds on his recent tough streak and continues to establish himself as one of the top lightweigts in the world.

I think Maggie Hendricks from Yahoo! Sports said the two sexiest men in MMA were Cheick Kongo and Roger Huerta. Generally, I'm a straight guy (although Project Runway is undeniably dope), but this picture of Roger Huerta kicking it with other dudes in red shorts makes me want to rethink my use of wearing coordinated track suits. [Source]

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