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Bigfoot Silva says Brock Lesnar should return to 'fake fighting'

It's been a while since we talked about the only fighter that is appropriately named after a giant mythological creature that is always blurry. If you were named 'Bigfoot' and you enrolled in a nickname contest and somehow you lost, it was rigged. Being nicknamed after a mythical creature who is forever blurry when captured on camera is the highest honor anyone can bestow on an MMA fighter. If you look really close at Bigfoot Silva's jaw, you can see an on/off switch that activates the force-field around his chin (he borrowed the technology from Scott Smith). All but three of Bigfoot's wins have occurred within the first round and the guy has only two losses in his entire career. Don't let the name fool you, there's no reason why Bigfoot Silva should not be ranked in the top ten heavyweights out there -- and if you think differently, tell him that.

Here's what Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva said regarding Brock Lesnar's loss to Cain Velasquez after his grunts and sasquatch yells were translated to Portuguese by Tatame Magazine, and then to English.

"Man, I think he must return to his fake fights that it’ll be best for him. I’ve always said that, he’s not a better fighter than Fedor, or Minotauro, or Cigano… He’s not the number one. I’ve said that when Werdum beat Fedor, who would become the number one? To me, it must have been Wedum because he had just beat the number one, but no. they put Brock Lesnar as the first, Werdum on the second place and Fedor in third. For sure now the top position is on good hands because Cain is a great fighter, he’s complete, has proven to have a good ground game, a good Wrestling and he’s a good exchanger. Now it’s on good hands. It was ridiculous for us, fighters, to see Brock Lesnar with only four or five bouts being considered the top athlete on earth, it’s ridiculous. And people like Cain Velasquez, Cigano, Fedor and Minotauro coming after Brock Lesnar… He’s a fake fighter."

On December 4th, Bigfoot Silva will bang against Valentijn Overeem and we'll be there, annoying Tracy Lee at some point in the night. Hopefully we'll get Josh Barnett vs. Bigfoot Silva in the near future, a bout promised to by Sengoku over a year ago. [Source]

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