• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Watch the George Roop KO an endless amount of times today

George Roop knew the only way you can kill a zombie is with a direct headshot. He forget to double tap, so there's a chance that we may see The Korean Zombie back in the WEC. I think Chan Sung Jung's head bounced off the mat a total of four times, which has to set some WEC record. As of last night, The Korean Zombie has racked up 66.6% of his total losses in his MMA career inside the WEC cage. Actually, that '6' after the decimal goes on forever since God screwed up math when she created it. It endlessly repeats, sort of like this George Roop knockout high-kick of Chan Sung Jung from WEC 51. As our friend Shiroobi from Tokyo, Japan said last night: 'Well Jung you can't do Zombie style forever'. [Source]

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