• Written by Cat Von C

Watch this Jose Aldo highlight video and get hyped for WEC 51

I've always said watching Anderson Silva fight is like watching art in motion. It's like a violent, murderous and beautiful combative ballet of sorts. Now that I've seen this Jose Aldo highlight video by James Blair, I am convinced that Blackhouse is like the Julliard or Alvin Ailey Dance of MMA. Watching Aldo, I feel like I am seeing the plot unfold to a beautiful dramatic tragedy -- the conflict, the rising action and tension, then finally the climax when one of those perfectly timed and graceful knees or kicks meets the head of his opponent and they fall unconscious to the mat meeting their tragic end. The drama...

This highlight video has everything you could ever want. It has knockouts, fists of fury, soccer kicks to the head and you can even watch footage of Jonathan Brookins (a contestant on TUF 12) get kneed and batted around the cage by Aldo like a hackey sack footbag. Watch this video and get hyped for WEC 51 which comes on this Thursday on the Versus Network.

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