• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

The Dream 15 poster finally translated

On Sunday, I made an offer for anyone reading MiddleEasy that if they could translate the Dream 15 poster, I would publish an article and give them every possible morsel of props they deserve. However, I never thought it would take the life of one of my own. Damn, my bad. That's actually a quote from the The Over-the-Hill Gang Rides Again which starred Fred Astaire in the role of 'The Baltimore Kid'. Of course, according to Rampage, all of this acting talk is 'turning us gay' so let's just focus on the fact that MiddleEasy reader, Pete, translated the entire Dream 15 poster on his blog. The poster is comprised of several rivals in history which will lead up to Dream 15's main event of Aoki vs. Kawajiri. That's dedication folks, but just don't try putting a coat over his shoulder because, you know, that's gay too...

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