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Check out this enlightening backstage conversation Nick Diaz had with UFC PR

Check out this enlightening backstage conversation Nick Diaz had with UFC PR

Before MiddleEasy, I used to work for a large PR firm based out of the East Coast. I can't tell you where it is -- but if an internet advertisement convinced you to get out of bed at midnight for a dose of fast food, I probably created it. I had to leave that world -- it was the least I could do to stop the onslaught of obesity in the US. In retrospect, my moral compass was a little skewed. The bigger picture was non-existent for me. In the 209, people like me would get slapped for selling kids sugar-coated lard squares.

I was paid to literally sell wolf tickets to people -- before wolf tickets were even cool. The public relations game is a dicey one, only reserved for those that have an innate ability to control perception. Professor X would be a natural at it. We've dealt with a potpourri of MMA PR reps at MiddleEasy. The teams over at ONE FC and UFC are beyond stellar, but the greatest interaction we've ever had was with the team at Electronic Arts as they created their MMA game back in 2009-2010. The same team is working on the next UFC game, and we would be lying if we said we're not working with them. Yes, they're that awesome.

Check out this backstage footage of Nick Diaz talking with a UFC PR rep on how the company has portrayed him leading up to UFC 158.

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