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Dana White advises Ronda Rousey that she will make more in MMA than in movies

Dana White advises Ronda Rousey that she will make more in MMA than in movies

Let me preface this article by saying Ronda Rousey looks nothing like Julia Stiles. I even made a side-by-side graphic just illustrating the blatant differences that are so obviously there that it makes my brain hurt just thinking about it. Damn, that's a long sentence. I bet your brain hurts just from reading it. Here's a video from a new show called 'Wigs' of Julia Stiles in lingerie, hopefully that helps with your headache. I've watched the clip four times and I still don't know what to make of it. Maybe the sheer effort your brain cells will exert in understanding that video will result in your brain hurting, again. Damn.

I didn't mean to make your cranium ache on such a lame Wednesday afternoon. To make up for it, I'll show you this Fuel TV clip of Dana White advising Ronda Rousey that she will make far more money in MMA than she ever will doing the movie thing.


0 # Nahm 2014-04-26 06:33
There´s absolutely no denying that they look alike, unlees you're making an effort not to see it.
First time I saw Ronda Rousey on the octagon, I literally thought that the actress (whose name turned out to be Julia Stiles - I did not know her name by then) had actually quit cinema to become a UFC fighter.
Apparently, hundreds of other people find the resemblance huge as well. Hundreds of people cannot be wrong about this, Even their voice sounds similar.
That being said, Ronda is much more attractive than Julia (which proves the theory that sex appeal is not necessarily linked to how you look).

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