• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

A Lesson in Street MMA: Don't mess with the 'Quiet Girl' edition

This latest batch of Street MMA has exploded in popularity across the Facebook universe over the last few days, so we nabbed it because we just had share the spectacular battle with you guys. Get past about twenty seconds of pre-fight banter and you will witness a Frye/Takayama exchange, some of those controversial kicks to the knee that the Jackson camp employs, and a spectacular hair-trip takedown into some brief knee-on-belly action that the Quiet Girl works into a slick full mount. Impressive stuff. I couldn't put it any better than this Facebook commenter.

Dude probably thinks it's 'neon belly.'

Ground impound like a Frate Trane, Quiet Girl. Ground impound, indeed. That looked like Lamas/Koch.

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