• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Watch the coolest flying arm bar from Croatia that you will ever see in your lifetime

Croatian crepes kinda creepy coming quick quiet queries. Making em' manageable might make me my Murcielago moscato. Sipping sweet serum sincerely. Soft socks secrete silent sad sacks seemliness. Where's what kind of weird wackiness withheld while wearing the white wintercoat? Boast brilliantly beneficial bar tabs from coast to coast. Tipping top dollar to twirl Topanga two times tentatively with the toast. Hanging high, how's the hive mind? Actually ask Amadeus after acquiring every Audi A-5.

There, I'm happy some real MMA journalism took place just now.

This morning I was sent a video from Croatia with the words 'Be the first to show this.' Evidently last night at Croatian MMA League, CROMMA Gym's Sasa Drobac pulled off one of the slickest come-from-behind flying armbars we've seen in a while. It's actually the first video we've seen of a flying armbar in 2013. Congrats goes to Sasa on making our minds implode with this move.

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