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Shall we watch Josh Koscheck discuss his upcoming Robbie Lawler fight? We shall

I've been going back and watching some 2004/2005 era MMA and it's interesting how Josh Koscheck has refused to age. The dude looks pretty much the same he did at twenty-six as he does at thirty-five, which isn't all that impressive, but to me it is. It's one of those mornings, which for me means afternoon, but these things happen in MMA when you stay up until 5am building a giant glass pyramid in MineCraft (it's beautiful).

Josh Koscheck fights Robbie Lawler at UFC 157 in the clash of styles we've seen for years: wrestler vs. striker, but both dudes have evolved so much I wonder what's going to happen. Will Kos stand with Robbie? Can Robbie handle Koscheck's ground game? I suppose we will have to wait patiently for the return of 'Ruthless' to find out.

For now, watch MMA HEAT's Karyn Bryant interview Koscheck about all things UFC 157... And more!

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