• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Be frustrated at the ignorance of the general population and watch this news report on child MMA fighters

If I ever spawn forth a little MiddleEasy Monster named Jason Jr. you better believe he will be traneing - hard - from the moment he's out of the womb. I want him to gable grip the umbilical cord and tear himself free with an upper-body strength few newborns have ever possessed. From there, he/they/it/she will learn Judo/BJJ/Boxing and then go train at Black House to learn illusive-ness from Lyoto Machida. If he completes these tasks I will get him a toy truck or some Google Glass or something for his 5th birthday. I will be a good parent. Rewarding.

I love football and just about all sports, but don't you go telling me MMA is unsafe for kids. I'd much rather my imaginary child be practicing the arts than playing football or anything else aside from the high dive. I would support my child if he wanted to high dive, because that ****'s cray.

It must be difficult having to explain your parental decisions in the face of so many questionably motivated parents day-in and day-out, but that's what this family does. The have a little butt-kicker who loves what he does and he gets support from his mom even if news anchors are annoyingly obtuse about his actions. Did you really have him on the show just to giggle at him? Meh, these have been worse, but if this is the high point of acceptance for young people in MMA, we still have a way to go.

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