• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Erik Koch's face is still intact after getting hellbowed by Ricardo Lamas, here's the pic

I don't know how the intense rivalry between Wisconsin and Illinois began, all I know is that it's been raging for years. Maybe it began in the early 20th century with the Bears and Packers duking it out on the football field. Maybe Illinois residents are tired of being called FIBs (****ing Illinois ********) or Wisconsinites are sick of the Cheesehead moniker. No one will ever really know. However, what residents of Illinois and Wisconsin do know is that the shadow war between the Land of Lincoln and the cheese state is very real, and very dangerous.

No one really took notice of the fact that Erik Koch, an Iowan, was training in Milwaukee (an Algonquin word meaning 'the Good Land') with Duke Roufus and the crew, while his rival would be the Chicagoan Ricardo Lamas. That, I think, explains the violence we witnessed Saturday night.

At least Koch's eyeball didn't explode, as someone next to me in the United Center thought. Here's his face today via Koch's Instagram. Not bad.

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