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If you wanted to know what a Clay Guida sandwich would taste like, here it is...

If  you wanted to know what a Clay Guida sanwdich would taste like, here it is...

Clay Guida is a registered carpenter, which makes him closer to Jesus Christ than anyone reading this (aside from Gary LaPlante). If the world does in fact come to an end anytime soon, Clay Guida's talents will be needed to rebuild a post-apocalyptic society. No, not his air guitar abilities (which are unparalleled), the guy can build things that could foster civilization for the next hundred years. Despite his ability to erect wooden things, Clay Guida has elected to live in a mobile home while he trains at Greg Jackson's camp. By virtue, that makes him infinitely cooler than people who tend to reside in facilities that aren't powered by fossil fuels. If you ever wanted to know what powers him -- then it's this insane waffle sandwich according to the guys at Epic Deli. Prepare your arteries for this one.

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