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Someone could be hacking into your toilet in the near future

From the moment I saw Demolition Man at a movie theater in Garland, TX on October 8th 1993, there hasn’t been a single day in my life in which I haven’t thought about the mysteries of the three sea shells. I don’t know how to use them, nor do I know enough about them to recreate them. The only information I have of the three sea shells is it was in Demolition Man and in the year 2032 everyone uses these things when they enter the bathroom. Some guy created his very own three sea shells theory, but something tells me he’s horribly incorrect.

Granted, we’re still 19 years away from accepting the three sea shells in every bathroom on the planet. Hopefully by then someone can stop the impending Japanese toilet hackathon that is apparently imminent. Check out this video of researchers expressing their real concern over potentially hacking toilets with an iPhone app.

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