A new element has been discovered, and it only lasts less than a second

Everyone welcome the 115th element of the periodic table, Ununpentium, and be happy you didn’t chose a profession that requires you to remember this stuff.

Researchers in the division of atomic physics at Lund University have verified a 2004 discovery by a Russian scientist who claims to have found the existence of a super-heavy element that is highly radioactive and lasts for less than a second.

So what’s the point of creating an element that only lasts for 0.89 milliseconds? There is no point. Seriously, Lund University is actually the creator of six other elements on the periodic table, all of which are virtually useless in any practical use. They created Ununpentium by bombarding Americium (another unnatural element created by humans) with calcium ions and eventually found the existence of Ununpentium, which literally disappeared in a blink of an eye.

The experiment yielded 30 atoms’ worth of Ununpentium, a number that researchers at Lund University will try to increase in the future. Why? No idea, the creation of new elements on the periodic table is such an ego-driven industry that some scientists will do whatever it takes to name an element and be forever remembered in high school chemistry books. Props to Macca for the +100 news tip.

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