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Elon Musk created a rocket that could launch, hover in space, and land

When you’re the creator of PayPal and Tesla Motors, it’s tough to find time in-between your morning laps inside your Scrooge McDuck money pool and creating Hyperloop designs to manifest yet another scientific innovation — but somehow Elon Musk does it.

Behold SpaceX’s ‘Grasshopper,’ a rocket that has the ability to launch, ‘hop sideways,’ and then land perfectly erect. Yeah, I used ‘erect’ since we know that every rocket created in human history is just an expression of a phallic symbol. So is every tower developed on this planet. Just one giant penis shooting up towards the sky.

This Grasshopper test video shows the rocket elevating to 820 feet then going into ‘hover mode’ while it moved sideways a distance of 328 feet. Don’t let the nickname fool you either — SpaceX’s Grasshopper is actually 10 stories tall. Have a look at another one of Elon Musk’s creations at work.

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