• Written by Bauzen

Oscar De La Hoya can’t figure out why Rory MacDonald didn’t finish BJ Penn, or use his jab to the body

A friend once gave me a pair of Oscar De La Hoya’s fight-worn boxing gloves because he owed me money and we had to settle on used boxing memorabilia instead.  Money is over-rated.  Vintage boxing gloves are so much cooler.  You can’t put on money and shadowbox in the mirror, but you can totally do that with boxing gloves.  Well, maybe you could, but unless you’re a rapper, you’re just going to look silly.  You can even pretend you’re getting knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez and striking your finest Pacquiaoing meme pose.  Sorry Manny Pacquiao, we know that was mean.  You’re still a legend, and we hope you come back stronger than ever in 2013.  In the meantime, let’s listen to Oscar De La Hoya’s advice for Rory MacDonald following his fight with BJ Penn at UFC on FOX 5.


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