• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Yves Edwards just KO'd Jeremy Stephens after waiting two extra months to do so

Tonight Yves Edwards gave Jeremy Stephens lesson number 348 in Thugjitsuism. That lesson is: if you make Yves Edwards, the Thugjitsu master wait two more months to fight you-he's going to have to KO you with a swiftness. In case you don't remember the drama that went down when Edwards and Stephens were initially supposed to fight, here's a little refresher: Stephens got picked up and hauled off to jail about 8 hours prior to when he was supposed to walk out and fight Yves and even Daddy UFC  Warbucks himself, Dana White couldn't get the police to release Jeremy Stephens in order to fight that night.(if you want to read a more detailed account click here) That left our friend Yves Edwards without an opponent and without a fight that he just spent the prior three months of his life preparing to bang.

Tonight Yves Edwards sent Jeremy Stephens and the rest of the lightweight division a message that you do not make a thugjitsu master like himself, wait to fight you. At just 1:55 seconds into the first round of the fight Edwards became the first fighter to ever KO Jeremy Stephens. He did so with a massive right hand and ended it with the words, "Damn, I'm Smooth". Yes you are, thugjitsu master, yes you are.

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