• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Aw damn, Forrest Griffin is injured and out of his fight with Phil Davis at UFC 155

Knee ligaments are evil. There should be a sports movie/horror flick hybrid where everyone is in fear of tearing their precious ACL or MCL. There could be haunting, pulsing music and close up shots of knees moving in slow motion. It's only a matter of time could be the tagline. It would do better business in the box office than Battleship and the pointless Total Recall remake combined. Sam Raimi would direct. But, this sucks. Forrest Griffin is the latest man who fights human beings for money to injure himself, thus canceling his UFC 155 fight with Phil Davis. I type again: this sucks.

For the good of the sport, we need the singularity and **** tons of nanobots in our fighters. Forrest could be back training within a week if he had an army of tiny robots mending his knee. Purely for irony and because we would give Forrest a bro hug if we ever saw him in person, here's his road to UFC 155, published by the UFC yesterday.


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