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Tron MMA is so uniquely Russian that it's beyond badass

The only way this nation can improve Russia/America diplomatic relations is through watching more Tron MMA. In fact, we're not even sure if the organization is called 'Tron MMA,' but last year we coined the name and it stuck within the MMA industry. Here at MiddleEasy, the extent of our knowledge of the Russian language comes from the grunts and screams Zangief pulled off in Street Fighter 2. Tron MMA could in fact be called 'Thrones MMA' since that's the title of their official site or perhaps even 'Arrows Street Fight' since that's -- well, another title of their site. However, if you go to, it's essentially the same site but just in Russian with the words 'Tron Mixed Martial Arts' at the top.

This is an organization of many identities. It's obsessed with reinventing itself, like Madonna. Perhaps that's why in this newly released Tron MMA fight, they completely removed the yellow rope and have their fighters competing in an open arena filled with sand. Check out the clip below.

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