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The Karate Hottie pulled off a slick rear-naked choke last night and here's the video

If aliens landed on the White House lawn right now, it still wouldn't be as exciting as knowing that Michelle Waterson competes in MMA. We can all agree that Michelle is beyond hot. That's already an established fact humanity has come to accept -- like the Lakers are the most dominate team in the NBA history and Josh Barnett is going to run UFC in 2012/2013. It's not even debatable. The only thing the world needs to see is more of Michelle 'The Karate Hottie' Waterson. Fortunately, we can fulfill your Michelle Waterson needs for today.

In her first fight since her pregnancy in 2010 (which undoubtedly made a lot of single guys depressed), Waterson went up against Colorado's Diana Rael at Jackson's MMA Series and managed to pull off a slick transition-to-back and followed it up with an equally suave rear-naked choke in the first round to grab her third consecutive win. It's also important to note that besides her first professional MMA fight, Waterson has finished all of her opponents in the first round. Check of this video from last night's fight for all the Waterson rear-naked goods you could possibly imagine.

After Michelle Waterson's bout, we cornered her in a room that had a painting of cacti hanging from the wall and interviewed her.

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