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Nick Diaz: Fight to the Finish Line-The latest highlight by LayzieTheSavage

Cesar Gracie had it all wrong. Nick Diaz isn't the Rosa Parks of MMA, he's the Ron Paul. Walk into any living room in the United States and ask the residents their opinion on either Nick Diaz or Ron Paul (or both) and the answers will be as varied as the people themselves. Sometimes they will gladly invite you inside to sit down and tell you about how much they love Nick Diaz's varied striking and lethal ground game as they fix you a warm mug of hot cocoa. Others will declare their backing of another candidate, slam the door in your face, then pull the shades aside and yell out the window about Nick not punching hard. Sometimes the things Nick and Ron say might sound 'crazy' and 'scary', but that's exactly what the truth is. Crazy and scary.

LayzieTheSavage just dropped his latest quake inducing Nick Diaz highlight: Fight to the Finish Line. It's the spiritual sequel to Hey Nick, Nice Shot and it was a long time coming. Finally, it's here to reduce us to tears of rawesomeness.


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