• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Miguel Torres took a picture of the worst BJJ injury he's ever seen *WARNING: Graphic!*

There's no other way to start your Monday morning than nearly vomiting over a picture of someone's ripped-off toe. Remember, this is a potential consequence of training Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Sure you can advance belt ranks through time and dedication, but alternatively you can have your big toe removed from your body. It's your choice, grappler.

A few hours ago Miguel Angel Torres tweeted this picture of an injury sustained by a guy in his gym named 'Parrish.' We tried warning you with that huge yellow warning on the banner, yet you still clicked on the article. Well, here you go. Now copy this URL and send it to all your friends and make them projectile vomit. It's fun, trust me. [Source]

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