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DstrySG and BJJ Hacks Exclusive: BJJ Hacks Brazilian Blog Volume 4

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Ah, the blessings of having others write kickass articles for me, leaving me all the time in the world to catch up on Downton Abbey. Behold, Volume IV from BJJ Hacks Brazilian Blog, here on DSTRYR/SG:

My jiu-jitsu life here in Rio de Janeiro isn't exactly hectic, but it's pretty full on at times. I'm always moving from gym to gym filming, getting interviews, and of course training.

Being exposed to so much jiu-jitsu from so many different sources is very stimulating, but sometimes overwhelming. I always feel inspired and eager to try what I've seen after a visit to a gym and encountering a new method or style. I often watch and rematch my footage to break down techniques or transitions so I can add them into my own game, and this process never stops. I was rewatching some old BJJ Hacks videos last week and I had a eureka moment. Something I had seen literally dozens of times during the editing process suddenly made sense to me. It wasn't that I couldn't see the technique before, it was just that I couldn't see how to put it into my own game.

I can honestly say I've gleaned something from every BJJ Hacks video I've made. Some videos, I've only picked up a minor detail or two. Some videos have inspired me to implement completely new methods. The mythical Miyao brothers video (which has been shelved indefinitely, unfortunately) probably gave me the most food for thought, because it was a type of game I'd never really studied and I'd never met anyone who played that style.

I always make a point of asking questions of the subjects I film. If I see them do something cool while rolling I'll ask them to break it down for me. Not asking questions while you've got such awesome grapplers right there in front of you is lunacy!

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