Reptilian harlots that Instagram DISGUST me

Let’s get this really f****** clear, reptilian TRASH.

It doesn’t matter what you shape shift your harlot face into, you will always be a PIECE OF S**T. I’m tired of seeing these alien b*****s throw one f*****g picture of themselves posing on Instagram and think they’re the next f*****g Marilyn Monroe. Listen, you satanic intergalactic reptilian humanoid morsels of trailer dung, if your idol is Marilyn f*****g Monroe, a b***h that didn’t respect the sanctity of marriage when she f****d John Kennedy and died from a drug overdose, then you’re energy levels of so low that you should get on whatever space ship and return to your planet on Alpha Centauri.

Look, I don’t even have a problem that all of you reptilian scum live on our planet. My machismo prevents me from giving a f**k. My aura is on some 1987 levels when Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers met inside the hut in the Central American jungle and then simultaneously clasped each others hands to show exactly how many steroids they were taking at the time while using that same shot to show the unity between races when under an intergalactic threat. I’m not even going to find the clip for you on YouTube because most of you JERKJOBS need to turn on that thing you got inside your head and use it every now and again.

The problem with you reptilian SCUM is that now that you’re on Earth, you’re just turning into the same god damn trash that was here before you. Do something with your life. If you want to model yourself after a human being, how about you hunt down some PRIDE tapes and go look at FEDOR EMELIANENKO. Now that’s someone you green scaly bozo f***s should look up to. While you’re at it, stay away from low vibrational glass jaw humans like Adonis Stevenson.

If I see any of you low life, peasant m***********s out on the streets I’m turning your jaw into puzzle pieces, and I’m going to misplace like five of the pieces so when you put it back together you’ll look like Picasso got drunk and then started painting your face, but then passed out from an all-night opium binge. We drop bodies out here in Queens, and if you ever want to know what the means then come on my f*****g and my baseball bat will invite you to a party on your right cheek.

Oh, don’t forget to believe in Jesus Christ.

Published on April 1, 2014 at 8:12 am
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