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Netflix spoofs Amazon Prime and makes a video of movie drone delivery

Alright, so I understand the beautiful use of robotics in movie delivery, drone technology has an innumerable amount of applications that can be used to benefit humankind and make our lives just a little bit easier. However, why choose to deliver physical copies of movies with helicopters when for far less effort those same films can be streamed though Netflix — just like 90% of all the other content on Netflix? It seems like a hyper-complex solution to a problem that doesn’t really exist.

Nevertheless, the people at Netflix have made an avalanche of money since they went public a few years ago, and now with stock prices hovering around $70, they decided to invest some of that profit into making drones that deliver movies. Check it out and props to stevemcawesome for the +100 news tip.

Oh, and for those that haven’t guessed — this is a spoof from Netflix regarding Amazon Prime’s drone delivery service.

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