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Showtime Offers Refunds For Crashed Mayweather vs Paul PPV Streams

Showtime has provided a response to those asking for a refund for purchased Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul streams that crashed

Showtime Offers Refunds For Crashed Mayweather vs Paul PPV Streams

Several users had trouble with their Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul PPV stream crashing after purchase. Now Showtime has responded to these concerns, offering refunds to those who had issue.

Calling it what it is, there is no other way to describe Mayweather vs Paul as anything other than a circus act. The Showtime Boxing exhibition fight was between a 50-0 former champion who is 44 years old, against a YouTuber with an 0-1 boxing record, who outweighed him by more than 30lb.

Nevertheless the fight took place, and to mixed reviews among fans. Some believed that the bout was boring, with no knockdowns occurring, and no official winner being declared, as per the rules that were outlined before the fight.

Showtime Offers Users A Refund

Although some might consider these people the lucky ones, there are some users who purchased the Mayweather vs Paul stream through Showtime, but were unable to watch it. Throughout the evening, several people were talking on social media about issues with the PPV crashing.

It seems that these cries did not go unnoticed, as Showtime has heard the complaints of users and offered a solution. A tweet from their support account reveals a way for users who purchased the event through the Showtime website or app, to get a refund if they were unable to watch the event.

If you purchased tonight’s PPV event through or the SHOWTIME app, and could not stream the fight, please go to for information on requesting a refund.”

It will be interesting to see how many people purchased the event, and of those users, how many will apply for a refund. It is rather unfortunate for Showtime that, as big of an event as this was, they were unable to ensure that all users could watch Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul live.

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