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Twitter Hilariously Reacts to Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

Twitter and the internet did it's thing as they reacted to the eight round exhibition fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul

Twitter Hilariously Reacts to Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

The world just experienced an exhibition boxing match between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Logan Paul. As expected, Twitter was on fire for the event and remained opinioned as they reacted to Mayweather vs. Paul.

An Uneventful Exhibition

As expected, Floyd Mayweather virtually toyed around with Logan Paul for eight rounds. High tech 4k cameras caught Mayweather on video smiling for nearly the entire fight. He feinted, ducked, dodged, and threw counter punches when he felt like it. He tired out Paul, then walked him down to the ropes to prove to the world that he wasn’t concerned with Logan’s power. 

At one point, fans of the sport thought Mayweather would stop playing with his food and finish the fight. However, Paul took every opportunity to hold onto Mayweather as tight as he could, as if he were riding on the back of a motorcycle or having his first prom dance. 

Twitter Reacts to Mayweather vs. Paul

Of course, post-fight clarity kicked in immediately after the fight was over. Once the realization hit that fans paid their hard-earned money for an exhibition match, Twitter voiced their opinions as they reacted to what they witnessed.

“Floyd Mayweather toyed with Logan Paul for 24 mins”

“Well that was the most obvious casual carry Floyd has ever done. If his record was actually on the line he’d have murdered him. #FloydvsLogan”

“Conor McGregor watching Logan Paul go 8 full rounds with Floyd and laugh afterward. #MayweatherPaul”

And, of course, the tweet of the night came from Alex B Smith on Twitter.

“Drunk OJ out here with fight analysis. He scored the fight 5-3 Floyd but we know his history with decisions coming from a judge.”

Potential Rematch

All in all, fight fans went home feeling robbed of their money. But, both Mayweather and Paul left the ring millions of dollars richer. Sadly enough, all of this could happen again in a rematch. And more than likely, the world will repeat its sense of unfulfillment. 


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