Ryan Garcia Knocks Down Devin Haney Three Times En Route to Majority Decision Win – Haney vs. Garcia Results (Highlights)

'King Ryan' shocked the boxing world with a performance of a lifetime against Haney

Ryan Garcia Stuns Devin Haney
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After enduring build-up shrouded in controversy, Devin Haney returned to the ring for a showdown with Los Alamitos native Ryan Garcia. 

Originally, Haney was scheduled to put his WBC super lightweight world championship on the line, but after ‘King Ryan’ weighed in more than three pounds over the 140-pound limit, Garcia was deemed no longer eligible to leave the Barclays Center in Brooklyn with the belt — even if he wins. 

Round 1

Ryan Garcia comes out swinging first with a left hand and taking the center of the ring. Garcia stalks Haney up against the ropes. Haney fires a shot to the body. Backed into a corner, Haney fights his way out but eats a couple of shots on the way. Garcia lands a big left hook that rocks Haney. Garcia picks up the pace and starts teeing off on Haney less than halfway through the round. 

Haney appears to be a little gun-shy but finally starts to get his jab going. Haney attacks the body of Garcia as ‘King Ryan’ may be feeling a bit of an adrenaline dump after starting the round off hot. Haney attempts to take advantage with a right hand but eats a counter left just as the round ends.

Round 2

Haney comes out in the second firing a left upstairs followed by a right to the body. Haney is beating Garcia to the punch as ‘King Ryan’ is starting to wear a big of damage on his nose. Haney pumps the jab and pops Garcia’s head back. Garcia jabs and Haney responds with another solid right hand that connects. Garcia attempts to close the distance and eats another big right hand from Haney. 

Haney goes to the body with back-to-back shots. Haney lands another solid jab and Garcia hits nothing, but air with a big hook as the second round ends. 

Round 3

A double jab from Garcia stars round three. Haney responds with an overhand right that sends Garcia back a few steps. A jab to the body from Haney lands and Garcia attempts to fire back with a check left. Garcia throws another looping left but misses the mark. Haney throws a couple of quick lefts and Garcia quickly ties up. Haney lands a big left hand that sends Garcia stumbling backward. Haney goes back to the body with a jab and the round ends with both fighters circling one another. 

Round 4

Garcia looks to pick up the pace a bit in round four but eats a right hand for his trouble. Haney continues working the body with the well-placed jab. Haney throws another lunging left hook prompting Garcia to tie up. Haney lets another left hand go and Garcia comes with a solid right that lands. Garcia reaches for the right hand and misses by a mile. Haney punishes him with a couple of jabs to the body. Haney has Garcia on his backfoot and continues to press him against the ropes as the round comes to a close.

Round 5

Returning to the center of the ring, Garcia throws a handful of heavy shots, but Haney largely blocks them before unleashing another thudding blow to Garcia’s body. A right hand from Haney lands as Garcia closes the distance. Haney begins pushing Garcia around inside the ring, peppering ‘King Ryan’ with the jab. Garcia throws a right hand that partially connects and the two tie up. 

Haney comes right back, backing Garcia into the corner and throwing some shots inside. The fifth round ends the same as the fourth, with Haney stalking his prey against the ropes. 

Round 6

Garcia comes out of the gate with an onslaught of strikes in the opening moments, including a big right hand that had Haney in some trouble. Haney looks to land a big left, but Garcia ducks out of the way and gets back to the center of the ring. Haney resumes his pursuit, pumping the jab before throwing multiple strikes to the body as Garcia turns his back. 

Haney moves in with another left but connects with the shoulder of Garcia. With 20 seconds to go in the round, ‘King Ryan’ is dancing around and doing little else. Garcia springs off the ropes and lands a left hook as the sixth round ends.

Round 7

Garcia comes out with a 1-2. Haney ducks under and ties up. Garcia throws a big left hand that sits Haney down less than a minute into the round. Haney answers the count and Garcia moves in, looking for the knockout blow. Haney ties up and Garcia punches on the break, prompting the referee to take a point from him. Garcia continues his pursuit and appears to knock down Haney a second time, but the referee deems it a slip.

Haney continues his onslaught and Haney goes down again, but Garcia is once again denied the knockdown. Haney is on rubber legs as he continues to clinch and hold, frustrating Garcia. The round ends with Garcia admiring his handiwork. 

Garcia undoubtedly won the round, but the point deduction likely makes it a 9-8 round with the knockdown. 

Round 8

Garcia comes out looking to pick up right where he left off. Garcia lands a left hand followed by a right and Haney appears to be lacking confidence. Still, Haney refuses to back down, throwing a couple of shots upstairs as Garcia turns his back. Haney throws a big overhand right against the ropes, but Garcia covers up. Garcia goes for a 1-2, but Haney ducks under and ties up. 

Haney again goes upstairs with the overhand right against the ropes. The fighters separate and Haney comes right back with a 1-2 fails to do any damage before the bell. 

Round 9

Haney assumes control of the ring and leads in early with an uppercut followed by a couple of body shots. Haney comes in with a nice left hand. Haney appears to have his legs back under him as Garcia’s pace begins to slow. Garcia comes in with a sneaky left hand that partially connects as Haney ties up. Haney moves in and Garcia catches him with a solid uppercut. 

Haney moves back in again and Garcia turns his back, prompting Haney to tee off on his body. Haney closes the round against the round landing four nasty body blows on his opponent. 

Round 10

Haney gets things started with a 1-2, but Garcia comes right back, looking to tee off and Garcia drops Haney for the second time in the fight with a flurry. Haney answers and Garcia comes in hot, trying to put away his opponent. Haney’s strategy at this point is to clinch and hold on for dear life. Haney gets warned for excessive holding before continuing his pursuit of Garcia. ‘King Ryan’ catches Haney with another nasty left hook that rocks Haney.

Haney stays on his feet and eats an assortment of strikes from Garcia. Unable to put Haney down again, Garcia backs on and lets the clock run out on round 10. 

Round 11

Haney is the first to fire with a left-right combination. Garcia comes right back, landing another right hook that catches Haney in the ear. Garcia starts talking to Haney’s dad at ringside. Garcia throws a jab followed by a right that misses. He follows it up with another then lands before unleashing a left hook that sits Haney down for the third time in the fight. 

Haney again answers the call and Garcia goes right back to work. The crowd is firmly behind Ryan Garcia as all Haney can do is clinch for the remainder of the penultimate round. 

Round 12

Likely down on the scorecards, Devin Haney comes out aggressive, but Garcia gives it right back to him, throwing a 1-2 followed by a left. Haney jabs to the head and body of Garcia and comes over the top with a right hand that lands. Garcia appears to land an uppercut inside and comes back with a couple of heavy right hands. Haney lands a jab. Garcia throws a left and Haney responds with one of his own. 

Ryan Garcia taunts Haney as the final 10 seconds on the clock run out. 

Official Result: Ryan Garcia def. Devin Haney via majority decision (112-112, 114-110, 115-109)

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Published on April 21, 2024 at 1:21 am
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