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Ugh, Paul Daley seems to be a little perturbed at Bellator right now

Paul 'Semtex' Daley is the last person on the planet I want to agitate. You don't play with fire or things that cause fires due to their destructive explosive capacities. That's something you learn from being a good child and listening to your parents at a young age. Or you learn it the hard way by creating a massive protected national parkland forest fire after you and your friends decided it would be an awesome idea to launch flaming rocket fireworks in the woods during a drought. Either way you learn playing with fire or explosives is no bueno.

Maybe Bellator isn't afraid of fire or things that go 'boom', or maybe they just have really good insurance policies-because they seem to have made the man with the nickname that is defined as a 'highly malleable plastic explosive' a little bit heated. This morning Daley got on his personal Facebook page and his fanpage and posted a statement regarding his distaste for Bellator not allowing him to take any other fights while he attempts to straighten out his legal issues with his travel visa. Here's a screenshot of his statement. Hopefully he'll let us know a bit more details about the situation in the coming hours or days. [Source]

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