• Written by Bauzen

Keith Jardine stopped by Ameri-Do-Te in this week’s episode of Enter the Dojo

There is no shortage of elite MMA academies in New Mexico.  I can name two off the top of my head, and I’ve never even been there. While the debate over what discipline of combat is most effective continues, the last time someone from Jackson’s MMA competed against someone from Ameri-Do-Te, they fought to a draw. Regardless, Master Ken has gone on to suggest that MMA is bulls*** on more than one occasion.  He believes that his self-defense techniques are far more effective in real-life scenarios such as using household objects to attack an assailant during a home invasion.  In fact, this weeks episode of Enter the Dojo covers exactly that topic.  Oh, and Keith Jardine stops by looking for his lost Pug.


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